The Mission of PACTS

To increase the number of children who receive the most effective  trauma-focused and trauma informed care in Philadelphia. We will do that by increasing the capacity of behavioral health, pediatric and child serving agencies to offer Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) to youth and their families.

The Philadelphia Alliance for Child Trauma Services (PACTS) will serve youth in the metropolitan Philadelphia area living with traumatic stress by improving access, availability and quality of trauma-related services. The Alliance will create a trauma-informed and educated consortium of behavioral health and child service agencies that can provide a continuum of care to children and their families and a spectrum of services depending on need.

The development of this consortium will allow us to serve the community by:

  • Developing a coordinated network of service providers for expeditious referral of children and families
  • Providing training to behavioral health and non-behavioral health staff
  • Increase assessment capabilities across the metro area
  • Increase accessibility to screening and referral mechanisms by expanding who and where screening is available by educating existing community providers currently serving our target population in other ways; this includes pediatric emergency departments, primary care clinics, programs that provide evaluations of maltreated youth for juvenile court and additional child welfare and health programs
  • Increase providers’ capacity to offer evidence based practices (EBP) to young people who have been exposed to traumatic stress